Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Our goal is to become the standard by which other foodservice software products are measured.


Over the last thirty years, we talked and listened to a number of our corporate and institutional food service customers when we designed NutriNet Food Management System. We wanted to know what was really important to them.

They told us that a food management system should help them:

  • Reduce food cost
  • Increase productivity
  • Maximize revenue
  • Manage the data
  • Guarantee quality

Just about everyone we talked to believes that these are important goals. But they feel it's even more important that the system be simple to use...simple enough to be used on a daily basis by real employees in the real world of food service. Real employees…not "computer experts."

"SIMPLICITY is the key to full system use!"

At NutriNet Corporation, We know achieving simplicity is not a simple task. It requires an integrated approach that uses "State of the Art" techniques while keeping an eye on the ultimate objective…a system that helps foodservice administrators achieve their goals. Instead of using technology for technology's sake, we use it for your sake.

"SUPPORT is the key to startup success!"

Let's face it.

You already have a full time job, maybe more than full time. You don't need to be burdened with installing an other automated system. In today's cost conscious environment you don't have any spare employees sitting around waiting for a automated system to fill their idle time. After fighting the battle of the budget to get approval for the system, who wants to go back and request an additional FTE to load your ingredients and recipes? Or worse, who wants to explain why there is still no return on investment after 6, 12 or 24 months because you are still loading data. If these thoughts have caused you to hesitate to move forward with an automated production system, You're not alone. But if these concerns have caused you not to look, it's time you look at NutriNet. First, we come to you. You don't need to incur additional expenses or lose valuable time by flying to some remote location to attend training classes. We'll bring the classroom to you, in your facility, and to as many employees as you would like to include. Second, when we come to your facility to deliver your system, it's already loaded with your stock items and your recipes. All you do is provide us with copies of your existing inventory worksheets and your recipe file and the NutriNet Installation Support team does the rest.

What does this support mean to you? It means you don't have to overwhelm you employees. You don't have to hire a "computer expert" and you

Simplicity, Support and Service.
The building blocks of our business philosophy that have been the keys to our customers success for more than 20 years.

don't have to become one yourself. And yet as a NutriNet operator, you'll be able to begin using the system within weeks after installation and training...not months or years.

"SERVICE is the key to solving problems!"

We know you're going to need service after the sale. You may be trying out new application for the first time. You might be having hardware problems. You may have discovered a software "bug," or you may just want to talk. Whatever it is, you can count on us! Just call us, toll-free, and we'll put you on the line with a trainer, a hardware specialist, a programmer, or the president himself..

We have always maintained our success formula was grounded in Simplicity, Support and Service. Our NutriNet Food Management System maintains these principals and enhances them with a sophisticated approach to database management. This is particularly important for contract management companies, affiliated chain accounts, large and intricate food service environments. Too many menus. Too many recipes. Duplicated data. Too little visibility.

This lead us to develop a simple but sophisticated technique which we call NutriLink®.

It leads to fewer recipes with greater manageability of menus. It represents a new generation of foodservice software.


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